Welcome to Alacurity

 Imagine your loved one has been advised to go to a new city for a medical procedure or an operation.​You do not know anybody there, even if somebody is there but not in a position to help much due to paucity of time or sheer distances in large cities.     

Here is the solution for all your healthcare problems in a New City.

Alacurity is your friend and assistant, who is knowledgeable about healthcare related matters, and can help you in every step on the way. 
Alacurity is a pioneer in providing organized services in healthcare segment. Our target segment are health conscious people who are also connoisseur of quality service and do not compromise on quality and delivery of service just because someone of them is a patient.
The main area of focus for Alacurity is:
  • Healthcare Services at Home - Doctor Visit, Nursing Services, Medical Equipment on Hire / Purchase, Physiotherapist etc. to patients
  • Preventive healthcare Packages and Vaccination
  • Medical Tourism Facilitator services to Medical Tourists
  • Concierge Services
  • Online Health Record for easy access and second opinion
  • We provide information on suitable hospitals and doctors in major cities in India
  • We can help you find out how much the treatment may cost at different hospitals
  • We can coordinate with the hospital to setup an appointment for you with a suitable doctor
  • A Health Manager meets you at the hospital and handles all arrangements on your behalf.


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